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It all began in 1995 when Mohit Moondra, the first langoor was about to turn 5. Mama Langoor wanted to find a way for Mohit and his friends to learn about Indian culture in a fun way. 4-H was the perfect place to begin this journey. Learning in the mainstream and sharing what we learned about India was cool and fun and continues to bring new langoors to the club even after 20 years!


Our first honorary Langoor baby was Avinash Moondra who was 2 years old when we started Langoor Club in 1995. Since then many baby langoors  have tagged along with their siblings only to become official Langoor Club members as they grew older!

Our Langoor family is growing as many Langoor Club alumni are married and we now have second generation langoors! We wish all the Langoors the very best as they continue their awesome journey across the country and the world!

About the Club

Langoor Goals:

  • Learn about India’s rich cultural heritage

  • Share India's culture with others

  • Appreciate cultural diversity

  • Contribute positively to better our world

Our Motto:

"Burra Mat Dekho, Burra Mat Suno, Burra Mat Bolo" - Gandhi

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"

Who Can Join the Club:

Youth Ages 5 years - 18 years 

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Become a Langoor

Langoor Activities 

Recording History:

Live! Program for High School Students

Next Club Meeting

Temporary Summer Break

​Langoor Facts 

Langoors are a special species of monkeys from India. They are smart, highly social, and naughty. A person with these highly desirable characteristics is referred to as a 'Langoor" which colloquially in Hindi means "crazy" in a nice way of course! The first group of youth who formed the club decided to call the group 4-H Indian Langoor Club.


So join us if you love monkeying around and going bananas!

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